Eeyo 1 ultralight ebike made with composite materials

Light Ebike for City Riders with Composite Materials

A company specialised in lightweight electric-assisted transportation introduced an ultralight ebike for city riders designed with an open frame that eliminates the seat tube and uses Kevlar® reinforced carbon fiber to increase strength and save weight.

This new ebike, called Eeyo 1, weighs only 26 lbs., half the weight of a standard ebike, and is designed to be nimble and quick, meeting the needs of a city rider. Furthermore, the ebike has an open-frame design that eliminates the seat tube and uses Kevlar® reinforced carbon fiber to increase strength and eliminate weight, allowing riders to move quickly and nimbly through city streets and bike lanes. The unique lightweight design also allows riders to easily carry the bike when it cannot be ridden — into a subway station, onto a bus, or into the rider’s garage or home.

In addition to the ebike, the company develops Eeyo Smartwheel, that is an all-in-one digital drive integrating the motor, battery, sensors, and smart connectivity into a compact hub, using a torque sensor to detect a rider’s pedal-power and delivering pedal assist as needed.

Combining the utility of the Eeyo Smartwheel and the lightweight design of the composite frame, the Eeyo 1 delivers 40 miles in Sport Mode (the equivalent of three days of city commuting) or about 55 miles in Eco Mode.

Then, Eeyo 1 assures quite simple upkeep and charging. The lightweight and durable Gates Carbon Drive™ system will last longer than chain drives and does not require lubrication. This ebike is easy to charge by snapping the charger around the hub.  The motor locks when the rider walks away from Eeyo 1, providing an extra layer of security.


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