Altair presents Altair Material Data Center

Altair, the global technology company providing solutions for product development, high-performance computing (HPC) and data analytics, has presented Altair Material Data Center. It is a modern, comprehensive and high-fidelity database of simulation materials. The database includes thousands of high-quality materials including polymers, metals and composites, directly linked to Altair and other well-known solvers.

The arising opportunities from Altair Material Data Center

Altair recently acquired M-Base, a leading provider of materials database and material information systems, with a particular focus on plastics. Altair Material Data Center, combined with M-Base’s database of plastics, will allow Altair to provide the necessary material information to optimize product performance through simulation.

In fact, this new database enables designers, engineers, and scientists to browse, search, and compare materials in a standalone application or through the interface of their simulation and optimization tools.

What Altair Material Data Center offers:
  • Comprehensive material information management system
    access to data on metals, polymers and composites, including technical data, raw data, and sheets of solvers with full traceability to the source of the supplier, ensuring valid assumptions and consistency across teams
  • Flexible accessibility and scalability 
    Customers can seamlessly access Altair Material Data Center as a SaaS solution hosted by Altair, or privately to handle proprietary information within the solution
  • Intuitive user experience
    A simple web-based interface to intuitively browse, search, view and compare material data
  • Comprehensive simulation-centric data views
    Material sheets can be generated quickly and easily for Altair and all major solvers
  • Smooth integration
    Through an open API, Altair Material Data Center is able to integrate with any desktop/solver for a seamless workflow
  • Deepened partnership
    Strong relationships with manufacturers, which provide accurate information on materials, high quality and always updated
  • Collaboration
    Experts can collaborate in the care process of the material before its publication in the Altair Material Data Center for specific access to company domains

Material Data Center Overview Video

What Dr. Changwei Lian – 
senior researcher at Baosteel Group Corporation – said

“Baosteel is proud to collaborate with Altair to deeply integrate our material data into the digital development process of automotive industry users while ensuring the data is easily accessible via Altair products and other commonly used CAE software without complex data processing. Having our high-quality material data included in the Altair Material Data Center will provide quick and convenient access to our latest research results and the accurate application data reflecting the performance of Baosteel products.”

What Subhransu S. Mohapatra – material data leader, specialties at SABIC – said

“We are extremely excited to have SABIC’s polymer material data included in the Altair Material Data Center. Altair customers will now have the ability to access SABIC’s material engineering data to further enhance the depth and quality of information required for manufacturing simulation.”


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Source: Altair

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