The biennial agreement Unibo Motorsport and the Ducati Foundation was renewed

Ducati and the University of Bologna still together to race and win. The biennial agreement was renewed between the racing team of the university, Unibo Motorsport, and the Ducati Foundation non-profit body that promotes cultural activities, educational and social related to the world of motorcycling. The agreement, thanks to the sponsorship and technical support of Ducati, strengthens the partnership that allows the team of the University of Bologna to:

  1. give students innovative training courses
  2. carry on the Unibo Motostudent project on the track, in international races, with an electric motorbike designed by the students
This is what was decided during the meeting held last week in the Aula Magna of the University Library of Bologna. Present at the meeting the Rector Francesco Ubertini and the CEO Ducati Claudio Domenicali.


The debut in the Motostudent International Competition took place in 2018 and saw the Alma Mater team immediately on the podium, with third place in the final classification. They won the 1° place a few weeks ago in the first edition of the Red Bull Motoboost, a competition dedicated to the design of aerodynamic appendages for the fairing of the bikes to improve their performance. 

The next race is scheduled for July in Spain, at the Aragon circuit. another success came a few weeks ago.

Advantages of Ducati
The increasingly solid and fruitful collaboration represents a real transfer of skills which, in addition to allowing the training of new talents, allows Ducati to benefit from the study and experimentation of students on topics of importance for the future of the company and the car and motorbike industry in general.


High School Advanced Engineering Summer – ITALIAN MOTOR VALLEY EXPERIENCE 

All these activities are part of the large network of the Motor Valley. Not surprisingly, the University of Bologna and Ducati were among the first promoters of MUNER, the Motor Valley University of Emilia-Romagna, which offers 7 inter-university and international degree courses entirely in English and, from this year, also a Summer School in Industrial Engineering for Advanced Automotive.



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