Composite sole for MTB

The Italian compounder Xenia Materials has collaborated with Vittoria Cycling Shoe to develop a thermoplastic composite sole reinforced with carbon fiber (Xecarb 1-C30) for mountain bike shoes (MTB) Nox, also adopted by the world champion of MTB Marathon, Leo Páez.


Collaboration between Xenia Materials and Vittoria Cycling Shoes
The collaboration between Xenia® Materials and Vittoria Cycling Shoes begins a few years ago when Edoardo Vercelli – Owner of Vittoria Cycling Shoes and Helmets – realizes the possibility of replacing the pre-preg epoxy matrix carbon, used for the soles of high-end cycling shoes, with carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics XECARB®.

In fact, Vittoria Cycling Shoe has been using for a few years for high-end cycling shoes thermoplastic resins supplied by the company headquartered in Vicenza instead of epoxy matrix composites with carbon pre-preg. In addition to the lower weight of the material, this solution offers a good compromise between:

  • the rigidity necessary to transmit the power on the pedals
  • and the flexibility required in the walking sections typical of mountain bike competitions 

At the beginning of this year, Xenia Materials created the Xenia Footwear Materials Lab division, dedicated to the development and supply of high-performance thermoplastic composites for the sports footwear industry.

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