Italian composites industrial capacity exposed at JEC World 2021, the leading international Composites show

Showcasing the most innovative Italian composite makers

JEC World gathers companies from the entire composites value chain in the world to present their latest capabilities and innovations to the composites community and the strategic end-users market including Mobility, Aeronautics, Building & Construction, Aerospace, Building & Construction, Marine, sports & leisure. Italian industrial groups and manufacturers have been active participants of JEC World over the past few years. Many Italian composite firms and major actors of the local industry have been rewarded at the JEC Innovation Awards over the past years. The JEC Innovation Awards is the most influential competition of the industry and celebrate innovative global composite projects, as well as fruitful collaborations between different players in the value chain. In 15 years, the Innovation Awards have bought together some 1,800 companies and recognized 177 projects.  

For example, in 2015, Centro Ricerche FIAT and GZE were rewarded in the Reinforcements category for combining improved hybrid yarn technology with advanced textile weaving and processing methods. Then in 2016, several Italians composites industrials were rewarded in the Automotive category — Brandolph, in partnership partner with Continental Structural Plastics (USA), for the Cost-competitive, lightweight decklid concept. Also, Automobili Lamborghini that developed a new combination of C-SMC and patented application to automotive a-class components. And in the Infrastructure category, Dow Italy, in partnership with Acciona Structures (ESP), was rewarded for their All-composite “lighthouse” marine navigation aid. In 2017, +LAB – Politecnico di Milano University received an award in the 3D Printing Category for their Smart manufacturing of composites,  Atropos.


Italian industrial apparatus: a global leader in the composite industry

Research and development of composite materials began in the early 1950’s in Italy. Today, more than 1,200 companies are involved in the composites industry at an international level, with 40 companies accounting for 85% of the growth domestic product.

In Italy, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in industrial sector of the economy. Manufacturing is the most important sector and accounts for 88% of the total output. The most significant segments within Manufacturing are metallurgy and fabricated metal products; machinery and equipment; food, drink and tobacco; rubber and plastics products and non-metallic mineral products; textile, clothing, and leather; transport equipment; and other manufacturing, repair and installation of machinery and equipment.

The composites industry is highly intertwined with all these applications markets with land transportation topping the first position (for example Formula 1 and luxury cars) followed by Aerospace, Building & Construction, Marine, Sports & Leisure etc


Italian growing interest of JEC World

The Italian presence at JEC World has grown exponentially over the past five years at a 44% rate. Major industrial brands like Belotti, Biesse, Breton, Cannon, CMS, Cutting Trading International, Duna-Corradini, Ge.Fim, MAE, Orma Macchine, Waterjet Corporation involved in the development of machinery have been longtime comers of JEC World. One can also cite Advanced Composites Solutions, G-Angeloni, Novation Tech, HP Composites (parts manufacturer) Delta-Preg, Composite Materials, Top Glass (intermediates) RYMYC (recycling) and last but not least Polynt-Reichhold (raw materials).

All these firms can maximize their return on investment thanks to JEC World visitors and exhibitors access to effective marketing and relationship-building programs. More than 6,000 business meetings will take place over the three days of the show, tailored to the specific needs and priorities of these leaders while allowing them to strengthen their positions, get involved in new programs, and meet new partners, which makes this event the essential trade fair for industry decision-makers

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JEC World 2021 March in Paris-Nord-Villepinte


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