LAMIFLEX: Shape Ideas, Build Innovation

ITMA Barcelona was the perfect occasion for Lamiflex representatives to demonstrate to customers coming from all over the world the most comprehensive portfolio of key components for rapier weft insertion system available on the market, including best-in-class flexible tapes and sprocket wheels.

Rapier weaving machinery components and accessories, indeed, represent Lamiflex core business, but the company is also a leading producer of composite materials for a wide range of sectors where light-weight, high-performance advanced composite materials are core parts, such as aeronautics, medical and a large number of industrial applications- from packaging to flexo printing, to paper mills, water desalination systems and many others.

What makes Lamiflex able to stand out on a global scale is the ability to offer tailor-made, real-time service for its Customers, thanks to a number of advanced technologies – Solvent Impregnation, Filament Winding, Pultrusion & Pullwinding, Wrapping, Progressive & Multi-Chamber Presses, Autoclaves, Resin Transfer Moulding and Low Pressure Moulding Compound – and lean production processes.

Lamiflex products are 100% Made in Italy, a guarantee of the highest quality standards that represents an unparalleled competitive advantage and one of the main reasons that make Lamiflex a reliable and professional composite materials manufacturer for Customers all over the world and the perfect choice for those looking for a partner able to make their dream composite products come true.


Itema and Lamiflex: a partnership to develop innovative solutions

With the aim of maximizing its market efficiency and competitive strength, in 2017 Itema acquired majority stakes in Lamiflex, historical supplier of rapier transfer key components of the Italian provider of breakthrough weaving solutions, spare parts and integrated services. Since then the two companies work together with great synergy, sharing their know-how on an open co-engineering platform to develop constantly evolving innovative solutions to allow weavers to get the most of their rapier looms. The strategic partnership with Lamiflex enables Itema to leverage the consolidated know-how and over 40-year expertise in carbon fiber and other composite materials markets and to work together with Lamiflex on constantly improving the lifetime and performances of the best-in-class rapier tapes, sprocket wheels and other key components of the Itema weaving machines. First result of synergies between Itema and Lamiflex has been the TLC triple-layer carbon tape featured on the R95002denim.

And this was just the beginning. Indeed, at ITMA Barcelona, Lamiflex and Itema introduced to the weaving world brand-new solutions to extend the lifespan of key rapier components even when running at the highest speed, as a brilliant result of the close cooperation between Lamiflex R&D and ItemaLabTM (the Itema Advanced Innovation Hub). iBOOSTER package, presented at ITMA Barcelona and derived from a deep materials study made by Itemalab in close cooperation with Lamiflex in developing new reinforced tapes, sprocket wheels and micro smart coolers to ensure extended lifetime, further improving machine performances with no compromises in terms of reliability.

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