Natural fiber composites for Spark race electric SUVs

Bcomp, Swiss sustainable lightweighting specialist, will provide its natural fiber composite solutions for the nine cars Spark Odyssey all-electric SUVs competing in the inaugural season of the Extreme E Championship. The Extreme E Championship is an FIA-sanctioned international off-road racing series. The competition seeks to highlight the impact of climate change while promoting sustainability and the adoption of electric vehicles.

Starting from Saudi Arabia for the Desert X Prix, the Odyssey 21 Spark Suvs will compete coated with the solutions provided by Bcomp instead of conventional carbon fiber. 

Pushing the limits of the natural properties of flax fiber, the innovative amplified technologies Tecx ™ and powerRibs ™ of Bcomp achieve a new dimension in terms of sustainability in motorsport. The natural fiber bodies designed by Spark Racing Technology will be tested during five race weekends on four continents.

Théophile Gouzin, Technical Director of Spark Racing Technology

“Bcomp’s natural fiber technologies are a perfect match for the goals we set for ourselves in Extreme E, achieving the highest level of sustainable performance and safety. We are very happy about the successful collaboration with Bcomp as both companies are technology leaders in sustainable motorsports.”


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